Wednesday, November 16, 2011

hairstyle by jack o'donnell

2009 red short hairstyle

Rihanna  red short hair

Rihanna  red short hair

Rihanna, sporting fiery red hair and wrapped in a blanket, arrives back at her London hotel after leaving Mahiki nightclub around 3:30 am. Rihanna has apparently dressed up like famous Guns n’ Roses guitarist Slash in her latest music video for the single “Rockstar 101″, in which Slash is featured.

2009 stunning long hairstyle from Heidi Klum

long hairstyle

Heidi has long hair with long chunky layers framing her sides that are long enough to give her plenty of texture and movement. Layers like this will make your overall style very easy to work with such hairstyle. She  looks stunning in a white mini-dress and it hugs her figure perfectly, and sets off her gorgeous skin tone.

Short hair style for women 2010

Today it seems like everyone is wearing their hair short.  On the red carpet especially, you will find lots of short hairstyles. The celebrities bring out in front of the people as to which haircut is in fashion and which is the trendiest. The celebrities’ hair styles have their own charm and attract the people towards them.

hot short hair style

Short haircuts are loved by most of the people, especially during the summers. Managing long hair in summers is really very difficult, and people often like to opt for short hair styles to protect themselves from the scorching heat of the sun.

short hair cut

If you want to have really short hairstyles you have to take care of your hair so that the style lasts longer. Thus wash them regularly but use less conditioner or shampoo. It is best not to dye your hair at all.

women short hair style

However, even if you want to dye, choose a color that compliments your skin.

short hair

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