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Trendy Fashionable Indian Designer Sarees

Many women celebrities are seen on the television wearing elongated piece of cloth that features various types of elaborate designs. They wrap it around the body and a portion of it left on the shoulder which hangs down towards the feet. However, there are of course many more styles of draping sarees besides this. This attire worn by majority of women all across the nation can be seen in parties, grand occasions and also as regular wear for offices and meetings. This strip of cloth is called Indian Sarees. The ethnic Indian trendy outfit symbolizes the essence of purity and represents the rich traditions of India.

The Indian sarees are lengthy cloths that usually have no stitches and are available with or without designs. The heavy designed traditional sarees are often used by sophisticated Indian women for special occasions; they display the style explicitly with a unique touch in every production. Centuries before also the Indian Sarees were worn by the women as a part of the their traditions, the Indian traditional sarees are considered as an ideal outfit for any type of occasions like marriage party, official party or any type of festivals.

Recently, many designers have experimented of Indian sarees and have come up with more than hundreds of styles with this one single attire. The sarees can be seen in a gorgeous pattern in parties, while the very same saree can be draped in the most gentle and sober manner by a home maker. Besides, Indian women, there are many foreign women who also prefer flaunting this Indian attire during the special moments. Indian silk sarees are actually famous overseas. The Muslims women ornament these silk sarees with zari and with other stones which they put over their head instead of the shoulder; this is significant as a tradition of keeping a “ghumta” or keeping the head covered of the women.

In the earlier times the sarees were alike the ordinary ones and in plain cloth –hardly with any designs. The base fabric used to make these sarees was either cotton or silk. Now the Indian sarees have been customized into a cloth with delicate designs and embroidery. Women’s also want to give a generous look to their silk saree, you may find many silk sarees adorned with some precious stones and embroidered with expensive threads of rich hues. The sarees are also sometimes ornamented with some expensive beads and with simple embroidery work; of course you may have to pay a fortune for these unique sarees. Once you buy these sarees; you also get a blouse piece along with it of similar design and fabric. These blouse pieces are usually ornamented with simple beads work at the sleeves portion and on the back.

Just a saree and a blouse certainly don’t make this decent attire; you have more to add to it. For a complete look to the sari, you need to wear a petticoat under the saree that brings about a decent and fluffy look to the attire below your waist. The petticoat helps to keep the saree fixed firmly along the waist which does not create any problem on the lower abdomen. The next vital part of a saree is selection of the perfect blouse that teams well with your saree. These blouses can be sleeveless or with a sleeve. Often you get blouse pieces along with, but for plain cotton sarees you need to buy a matching blouse of the respective shade. The fabric of the blouse is usually same as the fabric of the saree. The saree keeps you covered through the body and the pallu portion is again draped over the shoulder which hangs towards the feet. Again to be mentioned here, there are many style of keeping this pallu. Gujarati and Bihari women usually keep this pallu in between the thighs, but the south Indian women tuck them at the waist.

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