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The Best Christian Bale Hairstyles 2010

Christian Bale is one of the top actors in Hollywood and takes on a host of varied and interesting roles with ease. Starting at a very young age in Steven Spielberg's Empire of the Sun, he has gone from strength to strength for years and is now thought to be one of the most talented actors around. He is well known for his ability to morph into his characters, and as such the hairstyles that he adopts are key. Here are some Christian Bale hairstyles.

The Best Christian Bale Hairstyles 2010Christian Bale's hair speak a lot about the style that he adopts as an actor. Depending on what role he is taking on, he with adopt a new hairstyle that fits perfectly in with the character. This is part of his total dedication to being a great method actor and has helped him to get to where he is today.

The Best Christian Bale Hairstyles 2010In his movie 'American Psycho' he adopted a short cut that helped to display the smart, perfect sort of character he was supposed to be. In another of his top turns, in 'The Prestige' he had an even sorter 'buzz cut' of sorts that again was perfectly suited to his character. In his most famous role to date, that of Batman in the two modern films over the last few years, Bale has again put on a great simple look that shouts classy as Bruce Wayne and gives him a very smart and polished edge.

The Best Christian Bale Hairstyles 2010
The Best Christian Bale Hairstyles 2010 In his personal life Bale likes to adopt longer styles quite frequently. Often, you will see him with longer, shaggier locks and a matching goatee beard. His hair has a great natural wave to it that often flaps in front of his eyes and looks great.

Whatever look he is sporting, whether it is for a film or in his personal life, Bale always manages to pull it all off and maintain a stylish look that never fails to impress.

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