Monday, November 28, 2011

hairstyle by alex blake

Chloe Sevigny’s Hairstyle With Loose Curls


Unlike many of today’s stars, Chloe Sevigny has not yet decided upon the chop of her long locks. With so many stars seen out and about with the latest bob hairstyle fashion, it was refreshing to see a girl that remained true to her naturally blonde roots, letting her hair flow as long and free as it should.

Although tousled with large and loose curls, Chloe’s hairstyle was as natural as it could be, and with such a simple hair cut, the look could have looked dull on anybody else.


However, the one length long hairstyle with a centre parting didn’t look dull or plain with the bouncing curls adding that little something extra to make the look more sexy and relaxed.

2009 – 2010 Curly hairstyle tips


The girls born with silky, straight hairstyle always pine for curls, while those who have curly hairstyles are envious of the ones with poker straight locks.


At one point of time in the past, girls had to make the best of their own haircuts, leaving their wishes unfulfilled. However, with the innovations in technology, it is possible for straight hair to develop curls and vice versa, for period ranging from one day to one year.


In the following lines, we provide information on how to curl long hair for a short duration of time

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