Sunday, November 20, 2011

hairstyle by lloyd freedman

2009 neck blond bob hairstyle


This middle of the neck blonde bob hair is longish all the way around the head including the fringe. The colour of this short bob hairstyle is rich and vibrant. The hair is cut short with slight curls near the bottom which hang loosely around the sides and back of her head.


2009 gorgeous short hairstyle for beautiful you


This hairstyle is drop dead gorgeous. A super sexy look for this very flattering haircut. This short to medium length hairstyle is curly with lots of body and pizzaz. This hair is cut above the shoulders. It is a hairstyle that calls attention to your facial features and allows your natural beauty to shine.

2009 fantastic short hairstyle


This short haircut has a part and lots of volume at the top of her head. Her hair is classy and thick. This short hairstyle is with a long fringe that has been spiked at the tips and at the sides of her head.

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